Thursday, September 07, 2006

More American than I thought

This Being American thing keeps sneaking up on me. I was surprised to find myself actually quite annoyed the other night to discover that we had no peanut butter in the house. Definitely not a culinary item I grew up with. The Littlest American in the house has put his own twist on it though - he likes peanut butter and turkey sandwiches. No idea where he got that idea from!


Anonymous said...

Hi. I read your blog - it is adorable! I am living in the UK now but am originally from NJ. So how did you learn to love peanutbutter? Most ppl here dont hesitate to show their disgust. Well peanuts are native to the us right? Or is it just cranberry. I forget.

I am fighting becomming british but I have caught hubby saying "lovely" which was hillarious to my brother.

Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving *no thanksgiving here- snif!*

Almost American said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes, both peanuts and cranberries are native to the US.

I'm not sure that *I* really have learned to love peanut butter yet. It's the Littlest American in the house who really likes it. His big sister isn't all that fond of it, tho she does like Reese's Pieces.

Have you tried Marmite? Yeuch!!! I didn't grow up with that either - and I think you have to in order to stand any chance of liking it!

Mmm said...

I love Peanut Butter too. We used to have a Pan Am air stewardess who would bring it to our london home for us. I loved it--so much better than the horrid Sunkist there--it's no wonder Brits don't like it.

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