Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Proms for 7 year-olds?

Last year I was surprised to hear of graduation ceremonies in the UK for 4 year-olds, so I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised to read this about a prom in South Wales for seven-year olds. At least they changed the cultural context a little for the prom in Rhondda by having a tea party before the disco! What really surprised me was that many of the kids arrived in limos! (At least the photo reveals that they had parents in tow!)

Limos were banned as transportation to the prom at one of the private schools I worked at here in the US because it created a very clear distinction between those who could afford them and those who could not. Instead, the students were offered a choice of restaurants to go to and the school arranged the transportation. Not so 'classy', but for many of these kids a limo was nothing special anyway. In the context of the UK state school system where something like 85% of schools have uniforms that were always supposed to promote a degree of equity, it seems downright wrong to have a prom that encourages people to spend large amounts of money on limos and on prom outfits that will never be worn again. What about the kids on free lunches? I know some of the families were very proud that they 'only' spent £20, but it was an outfit that will probably never be worn again (except for dress-up.) A 'leavers' do', or 'moving up' party would have been just as much fun for the kids I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Hope you don't mind if I put you on my list of 'bloggie friends'

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm also surprised, but I think now it will be more popular. Modern children knows much more then previous generation and they require more. For modern children limousine is almost first need for proms.

Almost American said...

well you would say that, given that your business is renting out limos! Your site does explain quite well the definite advantages of limos, (though the English could do with some editing!) Personally, although I love to have someone else drive me and can think of some occasions when I'd certainly be tempted to hire a limo, I'm nervous about travelling in any road vehicle that doesn't provide me with a seat belt. (Diana's limo driver didn't keep her safe, but she would certainly have fared better had she been wearing a seat belt!)

Sophie said...

I live in South Wales and (maybe me being too much of a stuck up French there) but I really hate to see young children having prom parties!
Mostly because little girls are dressed in the same way as women would to seem attractive and "pull" i.e. high heels, make up, "sexy" dresses etc... I wish children were able to enjoy the innocence of their childhood for as long as they can instead of acting like mini-adults!
Hot chocolate, croissants fruit and winnie the pooh parties can entertain them as well/better as any prom. At least it did when I was little!!!

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