Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Game playing

In some respects, the British approach to games is different to the American one. Although it goes down well here in the USA, Whose line is It Anyway? seems to me to be very different to the typical American game show. There are no points, at least none that really matter, the winner is chosen pretty much at random, and there are no valuable prizes. Mornington Crescent is more serious - certainly less hilarious - but still has no valuable prizes. Most people play it for the sheer intellectual pleasure of playing I think. I remember listening to it on Radio 4 as part of a weekly show called I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue. It quite sensibly migrated to the internet, which is an ideal place for the game. There are a variety of Mornington Crescent sites. Mornington Crescent in Outer Space is perhaps not the best place to start for a beginner. This one provides an overview, plus a version of the game with a graphical interface, which may make it easier. It also provides links to other sites where you can play the game online. This one is perhaps the most complete if you really, really, want to understand the game.

Another game originating in the UK that I hadn't heard of until recently was Lost. I was winning for quite a long time but I lost again today. Oh well - I can console myself with the fact that lots of other people lost today too! Can you figure out how it is related to this site?


sablonneuse said...

OMG my educaton must be sadly lacking. I have never heard of Mornington Crescent - let alone played it - and a quick look at the 'beginners' version left me none the wiser. Is there no hope for me?

Expatmum said...

Hi there. I really miss the UK game shows, where people win pencil sharpeners, but also the glory of being really, really brainy. I must admit I haven't heard of most of the ones you mention, and I don't think I need to spend any more time on my computer either!
Name this one - "No conferring".

Almost American said...

Name this one - "No conferring".
Umm - A Question of Sport?

BTW, Mornington Crescent and Lost are not exactly real games (tho some might disagree.) They are insanely silly and pointless.

Expatmum said...

Oh, you disappoint me! "University Challenge" that thrilling TV program that ruined after school viewing with its incredibly hard questions and kids that, at the time, were way too old to be on at 5pm. Remember Bamber Gascoine? "Your starter for ten, no conferring".

Almost American said...

Expatmum - aargh, of course! I was probably doing homework when University Challenge was on. (Well, that's my excuse anyway for being so braindead!)

Debbie said...

I'm watching Countdown as we speak..well bloggerface. It's seems to have been going for as long as I remember. Another favourite which I still listen to on radio is 'Call My Bluff,' although I preferred it when I could watch it and see them hold their little true or bluff signs up at the end! 'Just A Minute' is another radio great and very difficult at parties, especially after a glass or two!

Little Britainer said...

ooooh. That 'lost' is very clever.

I really enjoy listening to R4 comedy shows over the internet - much better than the telly most of the time.

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