Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spring - season of rising steam

The only flowers in bloom around here are the cut daffodils on my kitchen table that were imported from Ireland, but nonetheless it is feeling like spring at last. I see sap buckets on maple trees, and steam rising from sugar houses on my commute to work, and DS and I had breakfast at a sugar house this morning. I'm thinking we may do it again next weekend - hoping DD will have learned from her experience this morning and will get herself ready on time to come with us! (There's no point in turning up at a sugar house too late, as you just end up having to wait forever for a table.) DS requested a trip to a different sugar house as there is one that has a small collection of farm animals that the kids can visit. I think the pancakes at this morning's location were bigger though!



More signs of spring: The potholes are still getting bigger, and the DPW is finally getting started on roadwork projects that were abandoned for the winter (but not, of course, the potholes.) The kids played outside in glorious sunshine this afternoon, even riding their bikes for a while. Admittedly, after an hour they were ready to come in, but we got outside and away from the television! The clocks changed last night, and this afternoon I finally got all the paperwork ready for the accountant to do our taxes. Yay! Spring is truly almost here!


AliBlahBlah said...

See - this is what I love about reading other peoples blogs - I'd never even heard of a sugar house! I suppose, being a maple syrup hater myself (sorry) I'd never really given it much though - but how cool does going to a sugar house for breakfast sound? Even if you do only put butter on your pancakes!

david mcmahon said...

Visited a sugar shack in Quebec once - it was awesome.

All's good in your world, then - you're in spring, the clocks have changed and all your tax paperwork is done! You've got it all!

Expat mum said...

Come on then - it's a new one on me. WHAT is a sugar house?

Almost American said...

After reading the comments, I will write more about sugar houses - maybe after I can get some more photos at a different one next weekend.

Merisi said...

You captured these images beautifully!
I've not had breakfast at a sugar house. Must have to do with me living south of the Mason-Dixon line.

I came over from David McMahon.

Cath said...

Great shots - love the steam caught on camera. But what is a sugar house?
Sounds divine!
Over from David's blog.

Tanya Breese said...

LOL, well, see, I'm American, born here, several generations, and I don't even know what a sugar house is,lol. You're more American than you think and maybe I'm less so,lol

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