Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Visited states

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Over 20 years and this is all I've managed to visit? Pathetic really, especially as 'Florida' really means not much more than Orlando, and 'California' was San Francisco and Lassen National Park.

Still, I remember teaching a college student who told me that at the age of 19 she had never left her home state. She was about to spend a semester in Spain. I never did find out how she did, but I bet the culture shock was amazing!


Georgina said...

Hi you sound like us, We've lived here for three years and only visited Paris. Our neighbour has never been more than 20KM from here and just doesn't understand how big the world is. Wierd isn't it. Debs x

Mmm said...

Well at least you've been to Washington! Yes, you need to get out more now! Come to Colorado. The weather is great. If you come in Autumn you can see some wonderful splashes of quaking gold from all the aspens in the mountains

Anonymous said...

Your map looks quite impresive to me. I've only been to Miami (Disneyworld when the kids were young) and New York (when my son spent 6 months at Yale).
When I lived in England I can't claim to have seen as much as a tenth of Gt Britain and there's a great deal of France yet to be discovered - hopefully.

AliBlahBlah said...

This was really fun, I did it myself and have visited only 47%, huge swathes of the SE and NW left untouched - you're inspiring me to get travelling!

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