Sunday, July 27, 2008

The nature of fear

Is this a scary picture?

Believe it or not, for a long time as a child, I was scared of daffodils!

DD sat and watched two episodes of Dr Who with me last night . I remember watching Dr Who as a child and being terrified by it. She watched cybermen, Daleks and disappearing children and loved it. On the other hand, every time the ads came on for the next show - Robin Hood - she put her hands over her eyes and refused to watch. Apparently men in tights with archery equipment are much scarier than aliens.

It makes sense though. The thing I was most frightened by in Dr Who was the daffodils. There were what were probably aliens looking like rotund, jolly men selling daffodils. When people got the daffodils home and went to sniff them, the daffodils sprayed plastic on their face. It stopped them from breathing and they died. I was terrified of daffodils for years afterwards. The aliens, the Daleks, the cybermen, were clearly not real, and therefore not scary. The daffodils and the men in tights with bows and arrows are real, and therefore much more threatening.


Anonymous said...

Our family have been Dr Who fans for years. When the children were little we went to Longleat where they were holding a Dr Who exhibition. My son (6 at the time) was enthralled until a Dalek moved towards him. He leapt into my arms and screamed 'Get me out of here!'

Anonymous said...

Depends how recently you lived in the UK, but most people my age remember that it was a bunch of daffodils that killed Dirty Den in Eastenders too. Of course, it turned out twenty years later that he wasn't really dead, but that's still a pretty scary bunch of flowers if you ask me...

Anonymous said...

Those are pretty yellow Daffy Dills. Don't be afraid. Moo-ha-ha! (evil laugh)

I used to watch the Outer Limits with my Mom. Blanket up to my nose... ready to cover my eyes.

Mmm said...

Oooh, Dr Who so scared me when younger--especially the Spiders that ended up killing the Tom Baker version.

But daffodils are my favourite flower!

Unknown said...

Oh my! I hate to think what the BBC show 'Day of the Triffids' did to you!? You did see that right?

Btw I was right with you on Dr Who as a kid :-)

Daffodilly said...

The worst Dr Who episode for me was those huge maggots the size of dogs...I can still see them wriggling all over the Doctor & his wacky stripey scarf! Yuck!


Almost American said...

Sablonneuse - when scared DS has been known to scream 'Get me out of here', also 'I want to go home', and (while watching a play) 'Stop the movie!"

Britoutofwater - I've been gone too long, I never saw that Eastenders episode.

Chewy, I never thought of hiding behind a blanket. I remember hiding behind the couch and peering around (inevitably at the scariest moments!)

I don't remember the spiders or the maggots in Dr Who. I guess for whatever reason they weren't as scary to me as the daffodils!

Sarah - I don't remember the BBC version of Day of the Triffids, though I read the book several times.

Mmm said...

Ah, I remember the BBC Day of the Triffads. Boy, that brings back memories! Very scary at the time!

Maddy said...

I shall never look at a daffodil in quite the same manner!

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