Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How do you want that?

It took me years to feel comfortable ordering a sandwich here in the US. I hated being asked "How do you want that?"

Umm - you mean I have choices? Which one of several kinds of bread? Toasted or not?

"And what do you want on it?"

Oh no, MORE choices! Mayonnaise, or oil and vinegar? Onions? Pickles? Tomatoes? Lettuce? Hot peppers? And on and on . . . it was just too much work. Oh, to be in the UK where I just had to decide which one of the prepackaged sandwiches I wanted. (Usually chicken tikka just because I never see it in the US!)

Eventually, I simply resorted to a sandwich that does not require choices to be made except whether I want fries with it - the tzatziki chicken gyro.


Anonymous said...

It's funny, I have the opposite problem (being in the UK as an American) in that I can't stomach the pre-packaged sandwiches and can't believe that so many people eat something that has been sitting on a shelf all morning and not made to order.

slartybartfarst said...

I, as a Brit in Q8, have become used to asking for "a latte", to be met with, "How many?" I then have to say "One", while thinking to myself, "I already told you, you half-wit". I agree, it is irritating to distraction sometimes to have to answer a dozen questions before you get what YOU want, rather than what THEY want you to have. "You want water with that?" "Er, no, had I wanted water, I may well have asked for it". "Paper cup?"....why would I, why would anyone want a paper cup? If only they would put their energy into redesigning the spoon, which functions as a spoon, rather than a tooth pick, which excites nothing at the bottom of a cup.?

ADDY said...

I agree. As someone who has a hearing problem as well, I hate the endless questions. Did I hear right? What have I let myself in for? Have I just ordered a prawn and pickle sandwich? Or a banana mayonnaise one? The Subway chain is opening up more and more chops here. Whilst I appreciate the welter of choice, I do not fancy the third degree just to get a sandwich!!

essbdee said...

I'm with NFAH on this one... I miss the artform of the sandwich so very much. butter....? on your sandwich....? no thankyou... I'd like mayo, cheese, avacado and sprouts on toasted wheat!

Expat mum said...

It's even more hilarious when, as a Brit, you say "Plese" after every selection.
"White or wheat?"
"Wheat plese".
"Footlong or six inch?".
"Six inch please".
"Mustard or mayo?"
"Both please".

Mmm said...

Looks delicious!

"Umm - you mean I have choices? " --oh how true is that. Forgot that panic feeling when I first came here. Now I am so picky, it's embarrassing for my family back in England!!

AliBlahBlah said...

When my Mum first visited she was asked 'soup or salad' and she replied 'oh yes, I'd love a super salad'.

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