Saturday, June 20, 2009

Scratch Art

DD brought this piece of art work home from school last week. She likes doing scratch art projects like this and over the years she has become much better at them. This one has nice strong lines, with little evidence of any indecision as she scratched the black layer away to create her design.

But on looking more closely, I wondered if her teacher realized the significance of the item to the left of the flowers. I'm pretty sure that if she wore a T-shirt to school that advertised alcohol she would be asked to change, and I'm sure if the teacher had realized what UFO is she might have been asked to alter her design (or sent to the school counselor!) Well, maybe not, but I still thought it was an 'interesting' choice.

UFO - Unfiltered Offering. A Hefeweizen beer from Harpoon Brewery.


Da Goof said...

Is that a wine rack in the upper left?

Michelloui said...

This is cool! I love scratch art and I'm sure I'm not as talented as DD. I haven't tried it in ages... I can see a summer project idea with my daughter coming up!

Kat said...

I should get my girls to do some scratch art. The would have a ball doing swirly images. They are only 5 and 3 so they would not be able to do such a well composed picture as your daughter did!

Wendy said...

ROTFL. That's my kind of art.

She did a really nice job, too, BTW.

On the beer link, if you click that you aren't over 21, it redirects you to Nice.

I love the art, and also that she fooled the teacher. Or maybe her teacher has a smidgen of cool in there somewhere.

Expat mum said...

Bit like one of mine who was running for some committee at school, posted a photo of herself all around the building, and there's a full glass of wine right in front of her!

Almost American said...

Expat mum - I think the wine glass trumps the beer bottle!

Kat - it's a good activity for fine motor skill development and your two are just the right age!

DD has just made some more scratch paper of her own - coloured some white card all over with marker, then applied a thick layer of black wax crayon. Silly me - there I was thinking I'd buy her some more, and she's perfectly capable of making her own. (Just like I did when I was in school!)

Unknown said...

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