Saturday, August 29, 2009

Search terms

I do like looking through the list of of search terms used by people who found my blog. Searches for Smarties vs M&Ms seem to have finally stopped. Here are some of the recent ones:
  • scared of wasps
    Aren't we all?
  • black currants, how to eat?
    I could get really sarcastic with this one, something along the lines of 'put them in your mouth', but it's actually not an unreasonable question. How do you eat something that sour? By adding lots of sugar of course!

  • wasp nest blackcurrant bush
    Not sure how this is any different to a wasp's nest anywhere else. Presumably you don't want it and want to get rid of it.
  • are there any other plants that look like blackcurrants but may be poisen. please show picture.
    If you think you've just poisoned yourself, looking up the answer on a stranger's potentially unreliable blog is perhaps not the best idea. Did you notice that s/he said please to a computer!
  • how to learn speaking english well with red lavel
    I have a feeling this person was probably looking for a specific textbook.
  • i am 9 and liking for a mice
    I wonder who taught this cat to type?
  • glaswegian accent scary
    It can be, can't it? (For the record, one of my grandmothers was from Glasgow and, despite many years of not living there, never lost her accent!) I wonder just what this person wanted to know about a scary Glaswegian accent though?
  • how do i wash dishes at a tent campsite?
    A questions asked by someone who's only ever used a dishwashing machine perhaps? Depends a little on the campsite. In France the sites we visited often had sinks dedicated to washing dishes. Camping at state parks here in the US we boil water on the stove, pour it into a bowl and do the dishes in the bowl, remembering of course to have some clean water to wash the suds off in case they poison us ;-)
  • how long can i drive in the usa on my englishy liecence?
    That depends on the state I believe, though I may be wrong.
  • pronounce: oregano
    I hate questions like this - people are either trying to make me sound more British or more American than I want to be.
  • britain has too many rules
    Hmm - the obvious retort if the searcher is not British is to say "Well, go home then!"
  • american back to the us after london culture shock
    If an American has to leave London because of culture shock, all I can say is they'd better not leave the US again because the rest of the world will probably be even more shocking! Not that you can't get culture shock traveling in the USA!
Finally, the following two continue to turn up regularly:
  • the reasons americans shouldn't travel
  • why americans shouldn't travel
    No one from any country should travel if they're not prepared to tolerate at least a little culture shock, try some new experiences, and accept that one of the delights of traveling is to visit somewhere that is different from home!


Michelloui said...

This is funny! I love your comments! My fave is the typing cat. You have really good search terms finding your blog! Mine are all drab things like 'why Americans dont have passports' etc. Says something about my blog subjects perhaps?! ;)

Jean said...

I love looking at my stats and seeing how people have been directed to my blog - yours are just as funny. Love the one about washing the dishes on a campsite - that could have been my daughter, she doesn't know what to do if they don't go in the dishwasher!

Clippy Mat said...

Hi: Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my blog today and for your comment. Did you ever find out if that was indeed a bear that was digging up the wasps?

If I Could Escape . . . said...

Those are awesome! I get such a giggle reading these! Did I tell you I am going to be starting a weekly meme where you can put your funniest search terms? Will let you know all the finer details when I finally get it off the ground!

BrightEyedJess said...

ooh brilliant, I am an ex American who's been in the UK for 20 years. I am actually British, I just grew up in NY.

I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Almost American said...

Clippy Mat - no, we can't be sure just what it was that dug the hole.

"I am 9 and liking for a mice" came back more than once! (On different days!)

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