Friday, December 11, 2009

Search terms

Here are some more of the search terms people have used that brought them to my blog in the last few weeks. Some are fairly obvious. It's gratifying to see at least one person (probably my mother) was clearly specifically looking for my blog.
  • almost american blog
There was the usual handful who appear to have an agenda they are looking to reinforce:
  • why americans shouldn't travel
  • americans should only speak english
  • no one is more american than anyone else
  • americans only speak english
Others who appeared to be looking for the answer to a specific question
  • my license photo does not look like me, should I get it retaken?
  • why americans only speak one language
  • why do americans only speak one language?
  • how to know what turkey to shoot
  • why is there february vacation
I didn't understand what some of them were after or why Google would have brought them to my blog in search of it:
  • Wednesday in hat
  • tornado american hat
  • out of office humping-mania
I don't believe I have ever mentioned humping on this blog before, let alone any kind of humping mania!! (DH wants to know "Is there an in-office humping mania?")
  • m&ms vs smarties
was back, along with
  • m&ms vs smarties vs skippers
Never heard of skippers, but I assume it must be another kind of candy.
Apparently at least one Russian-speaker was in search of information about Doctor Who:
  • доктор кто
This one I thought was somewhat scary:
  • shooting my own thanksgiving turkey in supermarket
I hope this person found out that it is NOT OK to shoot your own turkey in the supermarket. Indeed, there should never be any need to shoot the turkeys in the supermarket as they are always dead already!

I wonder if this one was an American living in the UK:
  • britain has too many rules
So do a lot of places. Some of the ones without rules aren't places I would want to live!


Rachel said...

Just had to pop in to say that this is absolutely hysterical! Who searches how to shoot a turkey in a grocery market? :)

Stella Jones said...

Shooting a turkey in a supermarket??? Oh no, that's awful. Must be a joke. Take care.
Blessings, Star

Expat mum said...

So come on - why doesn't my license photo look like me?

Beth said...

Just for the record...that "too many rules" thing was totally not me!

AliBlahBlah said...

I always get people looking for 'boobs' or 'Daniel Craig bought a house in North Yorkshire'.

Of course, they stay for the content....

sablonneuse said...

yes, Google searches are starnge aren't they? I'm surprised that two popular searches that take people to my blog are 'Yellow Basilicon' and 'suppositories'

TheLadyWhoLunches said...

How bizarre! This is my first time coming to your blog after Michelleoui commented that you and I gave her the idea for search terms. My entry is very similar to yours and yet, I had never seen it! Same wave length...
Anyway, nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I really like yours site. keep it as is.

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