Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy snow-olleen!

WOW - they really weren't kidding when they predicted widespread power outages! We got about 12 inches of heavy wet snow. The branches in the first photo aren't usually that low - they were weighed down by the snow. (Everything below the word Trick  would normally not be there!)

Note the tree that's lying down on the left in the photo above - here it is again a few hours later:
We got off pretty lightly. The power was only out for 49 hours - there are thousands of homes that still don't have their power back yet - and the temperature in the house only dipped to 52˚F. We have city water rather than a well, so we did not lose our water too. We have a camping stove so we had hot food and drink. We have a chainsaw, so we did not have to wait for the city to come and remove the trees that had fallen and blocked the end of our road. About the only thing we don't have that would have been nice is smartphones. The reporting on the radio was useless in terms of letting us know what the situation was in the wider world and some internet access would have been nice!

I spent most of Sunday hand sewing DS's Halloween costume that I had been planning on finishing on the sewing machine. Then tonight we found out that trick-or-treating is postponed until next Saturday! In many neighborhoods it would not have been safe to go out trick-or-treating tonight because there are still downed powerlines. Even where there aren't, there are tree branches down all over the place. Most people seem to have cleared their driveways, but not necessarily the sidewalk.

It certainly has been a memorable Halloween!


Circles in the Sand said...

Omg! Wow! This brings back some memories of snow in Minneapolis and I really enjoyed your photos! But so sorry to hear your Halloween was a white-out ... Not to mention the 49 hours without power .... Hope things are getting back to normal now and the kids get to enjoy trick or treating on Saturday instead. I always remember how when we first moved to Minneapolis, people would tell us about the Halloween snowstorm of, can't remember the year now - it became almost legendary! It's funny, we kinda miss snow now! Keep warm!

Da Goof said...

Even the smartphone route wasn't much help. Between towers being out of service (they need power and signal too) and the number of people who were online made getting information painfully slow if occurring at all.

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