Sunday, October 02, 2011

Mixed Britannia

I had never heard of this before - British subjects, living in Britain, required to give up their nationality simply because they married a foreigner. Nor did I know that in the 1940s, the children born to white women and black GIs stationed in Britain were described as "war casualties" in the UK and, in America, one congressman called them "the offspring of the scum of the British Isles". There's a series about Britain's mixed-race communities going to be broadcast on BBC2 starting on Thursday 6 October that I'd watch if I could, but iPlayer won't work here in the US :-(  There's a clip from it here and an article from the presenter of the series here.


Paul said...

That sounds like an intersting programme. I actually wrote an article on HubPages about trying to find a way to watch BBC iplayer, when I was over here, one time. There's a programme called expat shield that is free, works okay, and doesn't give you a virus, which was the best one I found.

Expat mum said...

There's also a huge issue with people at the moment trying to claim British descendence from their British parents. Goes something like - if your dad was the Brit, it's all fine and dandy, but if your mother was the Brit (before a certain date) you have to pay a fee and go through extra obstacles. Very unfair.

Almost American said...

Paul - Expat Shield sounds good, but it doesn't run on a Mac :-(

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

I had no idea about any of that. I have seen that show advertised, but to be honest I sort of ignored it as hype--several of my friends are in 'mixed race' relationships/marriages and it just seems like no big deal to me.

But I guess it actually still is a big deal and I shouldn't be so naive.

Thanks for this reminder.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or all the couples (but one) in the photo black man / white woman???
Just asking.

Serena said...

The most shocking part was when a racist mob destroyed one couple's home and when the wife reported it to the police they said it was her own fault for marrying a black man!

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