Sunday, December 07, 2008

Hungry squirrels

First snow of the winter this morning, and the squirrels came running for food! Actually, that's not true - they've been pigging out all week and I commented to DH yesterday "Anyone would think it was going to snow the way they're eating." The kids have spent so much time watching thr squirrels that they swear they can identify them individually. "Inky" is the black squirrel, "Piggy" has a white spot on her (?) side, "Bossy" races from one bird feeder to the other chasing other squirrels away. There's one who likes to eat hanging upside down by his toes, and then does situps to reach the next mouthful. On Friday they finally discovered the lone uncarved pumpkin sitting by the front door and they devoured it. They looked very funny with their heads inside the pumpkin. Who needs TV with entertainment like this?






I don't think this one was intrigued by me so much as looking for the feeder that was on the kitchen window last year. It isn't there this year because it eventually got broken by the squirrels jumping in and out of it. They seem to understand the concept of glass - we could go right up to the window and touch it and they didn't even stop eating!


Oh, and after last night's events, DS claims to be feeling better enough to want cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

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Mmm said...

To see a squirrel feeding right there, what a wonderful thing. Don't seem to have any where I'm at.

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