Sunday, March 29, 2009

Not so lucky

Last summer when one of the baby bunnies in our back yard narrowly avoided being hit by the weedwhacker, my daughter christened him/her Lucky.

Yesterday, DH discovered lots of fur on the grass in the back yard.

Not easy to see until you look a little closer, given that the grass is not so green this time of year. We easily could have missed it.

Bunny fur
DD assumed it was from the mother rabbit pulling out her fur to line a nest again. When she realized that it was more likely evidence that one of 'our' rabbits had been prey for the bobcat, she asked:
"Do you think it was Lucky?"
"No dear, I don't think it was lucky!"
Fortunately, she seemed happy with that answer! I just hope we don't start finding bones in the yard . . . Do bobcats eat the bones? Maybe it was a hawk that got the rabbit and that explains the lack of other remains. I DO hope they're off in the woods somewhere and not elsewhere in our yard!


Casdok said...

Oh i hope your right.

And having a pod to ourselves was great!!! :)

david mcmahon said...

I'm echoing my friend Casdok's fervent hope .....

Expat mum said...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear....sometimes Lucky is the unluckiest of names! We're plagued by squirrels appearing in families of four or five at a time, chewing massive holes through the rubbish bin and leaveing a trail of last night's leftovers across the driveway! I have yet to beat them at their game.


Almost American said...

Expat mum - yes, we have a local bobcat, though I've seen it all of twice in 11 years! We also have hawks, bears, raccoons, deer, painted turtles, rabbits, moles, squirrels and mice that all put in regular appearances in our yard. There are probably skunks and possums around too. No chipmunks for some reason, though we had loads of them at the 'old' house a mile down the road.

Bella - the squirrels chew through the BIN? Wow!

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