Thursday, August 26, 2010

36 hour day

(Image from Matt Kursmark.)

My DH blogged over here about the 36 hour day that started our vacation in the UK. Apparently the madness of the first 36 hours worked as we all adapted relatively quickly, waking at a reasonable 7 a.m. most days.

As we left on vacation, DS was apparently unclear as to exactly where we were going and how. After we picked up the rental car to get to the airport, he looked at the cars on our driveway and asked which one we were going in! On seeing Boston he shouted in delight, "I can see New York!" He then wanted to know how we were going to get the rental car to the UK. As we got out of the car at the airport he squealed, "Look Momma, there's a plane!"

He liked the rental cars we had - a BMW 3 series in the UK, and a Cadillac on our return to the US to get back home - and compared my RAV 4 to them very unfavorably. I liked the BMW too, but given that a BMW 3 series vehicle could cost twice as much as my RAV 4, I won't be buying one any time soon.


kenandbelly said...

Oh yes, we totally concur with the 36-hour first day. :)

Canoez said...

DS was having a really difficult time at lunch in Richmond. Ultimately, he was sitting, asleep on his Uncle's lap. We hauled him out of the restaurant (still asleep) to the car park over at Hampton Court. My back was killing me from hauling luggage and sitting on the airplane, so his Uncle carried him to the car park where he finally awoke when being put into his car seat. He had no problem being awake for the trains, 'tho.

apartments in dubai said...

Oh Gosh how did you managed the 36 hours?? I am kind of lazy and sleepy person. It is hassling me just hearing that you spent 36 hours!!! I can never do the same.

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