Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A deprived childhood?

We were having a family conversation recently about what to have for Christmas lunch. Growing up in the UK, it was almost always turkey. I remember having goose once, but turkey was the traditional choice. Here in the US we always have turkey at Thanksgiving of course, and with Christmas only a month later we in this household always end up discussing whether we should have turkey 'yet again' or have something else. Personally, I like turkey and would be quite happy to eat it 'yet again', i.e. for the second time in the calendar year. However, so long as I'm not doing the cooking (and I never do for special occasions) I don't really mind because I know my dear husband will always produce a wonderful meal whatever the choice. The decision tends to be to buy some really good beef, and some salmon for those of us who don't really like beef. The little ones are encouraged to have some of each. It's very nice of the chef to cook fish for me when he hates it so much! He does a good job too!

Well, we were having the usual discussion and the Little American overheard us. She apparently then spent some time thinking about it. On the way home from school a day or so later she asked if she could request something special for Christmas lunch. "What would you like?" I asked. "A really special treat. Can we PLEASE go to McDonald's for Christmas lunch?" "You want to go WHERE? WHEN? You have got to be kidding!!!"

Actually, it wasn't such a bizarre request. You have to understand that McDonald's is not somewhere we ever go. The Little American has had food from that establishment precisely once, and I can tell you exactly when: she'd had 10 stitches after tripping and slamming her head* into a wall, and her father (for some inexplicable reason**) decided that it would help make her feel better if he went through the drive-through and bought her some french fries. So, yes, to her it is something special. However, although we may be depriving her of a truly American childhood, Christmas lunch at McDonald's will only happen over her parents' dead bodies.

* As my mother used to say, "Not to worry, it's only her head!"
** They'd already given her ice cream at the hospital - she needed another treat?
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