Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Easter Egg

Moe, over at Badgers With Knives, was giving a chocolate Easter egg  away recently and I won. It arrived last week. The kids were very excited by the customs sticker:

Moe's note said she doubted it would arrive in one piece, but she was sure that wouldn't affect the flavor. I agree 100% - in fact, I figured that would just make it easier to share with the kids.  Then I noticed that the box had crumbs of chocolate on the outside, and a suspiciously greasy spot on the side . . .

I hadn't really put two and two together, but the weather last week was insanely warm for March. It hit 80˚F  (26.7˚C) the day the egg arrived and the chocolate egg was sitting in my (black) mailbox (in the sun) for at least four hours before I got home. The result:

A puddle of chocolate at the bottom of the box :-(

I put the whole box in the fridge for a couple of hours and it ended up being perfectly edible, even though it didn't look anything like an Easter egg anymore. For some reason, the texture was rather like an Aero bar. I happen to like Aero bars, so that was fine. Anyway, the egg is no more. All gone :-) It was yummy - thanks Moe!
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