Monday, December 24, 2007

What Holiday Food Am I?

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.

Hmm - I had thought I'd be a trifle, like Maddy. A gingerbread house is much more American to my mind.

Cookies for Mrs Claus

Cookies for Mr and Mrs Claus
The little ones put this plate together before going to bed and decided that Mrs Claus should have a cookie too. Hers is in the plastic bag (together with another one for Santa to have when he gets home.) Carrots for the reindeer of course - though apparently they're on a diet as they only get 3 between them. Milk for Santa to drink - "Because last year we left wine out for him and he only took a couple of sips." Hmm - well, I guess you shouldn't drink and drive a sleigh, but still, I'm very surprised Santa didn't drink it all.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

New Christmas traditions

We decided not to bother with one of our Christmas traditions this year - I'm sure it's one we share with lots of other people. It's the one where you're up till the small hours of Christmas morning wrapping presents. Not this year. I have a couple of things to wrap for DH tomorrow, and the kids have presents to wrap for each other, but basically we're done :-) Yay! So on Christmas Eve we can pack the kids off to bed and then sit and relax with a glass of wine and snuggle. A much more enjoyable tradition I think. It will not only make Christmas Eve much pleasanter but Christmas morning too as we won't be too exhausted to enjoy being woken up at the crack of dawn . . . A couple of years ago when we were in England for Christmas, Father Christmas told the kids they weren't to wake up until 8 a.m. on Christmas Day and to our amazement they didn't! We even had to wake the littlest one up at about 8:30! That's a tradition I'd like to see continue!

Friday, December 07, 2007


I picked the Littlest American up from daycare today and as we were leaving we had the following conversation:
- Can we have a menorah?
- Why, sweetie?
- Eli has one.
- Well Eli is Jewish and we're not. [I had just spoken with Eli's dad about the family Hannukah party they're going to tomorrow.]
- No, he's not!
- How do you know that?
- Well, . . . he . .. umm . . . doesn't TALK Jewish! So can we have a menorah?
- Do you know why people have a menorah in their house?
- It's for Hannukah.
- What do you know about Hannukah?
- It lasts 8 days and you light a candle every day, and you get a present every day, but there's one extra candle on the menorah. So we need a menorah for Hannukah!
- You do know Hannukah already started?
- Oh, no and we didn't get our Christmas tree yet!
- Christmas tree?
- Yes. You HAVE to have a Christmas tree for Hannukah!
Hannukahmas indeed, or is it Chrismukkah? Happy Holidays, anyway to one and all!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Quel produit révolutionnaire!

It's even Mac compatible they say. . .

The British version would dispense beer. The American one, Coca-Cola.
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