Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Chocolate for blood

Well, yes, I may indeed have chocolate for blood given my love for chocolate, but I'm talking bribes here . . .

The Red Cross is offering chocolate in exchange for blood donations. No, I don't know how much chocolate they're offering, or even what quality. (It's not that I'm not interested because my blood is mostly chocolate in the first place, but because, irritatingly, they won't take blood from Mad Cows like me!) Would it be worth donating blood if I could just for a couple of ounces of milk chocolate of inferior quality? Yes, of course! Not because any chocolate is better than none, but because it is simply A Good Thing To Do! I do hope this works and brings them lots of new volunteers who become regulars once they realize how easy it is to do!

The photo is courtesy of DH who saw the sign on his way to work and thought of me!


Anonymous said...

It's the same in France. They didn't want my blood for the same reason, but they said I could still stay for some coffee and cake.

Anonymous said...

The link to the "mad cows" blog entry was hilarious! I could hardly believe it!

I suppose if you were desperately wanting to donate blood, the only way you would be able to, was if you were to claim vegetarianism?

Almost American said...

I don't think being a vegetarian would help - they don't actually ask if you've eaten any British beef - just if you've spent more than X amount of time (6 months?)in the UK since, I think, 1980. Of course, if I lied about that, then they would let me give blood. I'd like to think that other people in 'at risk' groups are not going to lie, so I choose not to!

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