Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Would you drink sun tan oil?

When I lived in the south of France, my preferred brand of sun tan oil was Bergasol. It gave very little skin protection, but I did get a nice tan. Of course, given the amount of time I spent in the sun, I would have got a nice tan no matter which oil or lotion I'd used, given that back then no one used high SPF products. I certainly wasn't thinking about protecting myself against skin cancer. Apparently the original formula Bergasol is no longer sold because of the amount of the tanning accelerator psoralen, a cancer-causing substance, that was in it.

Despite its quintessential Englishness, I didn't encounter Earl Grey tea until many years later and disliked it intensely at first sniff. It took me a while to figure out why - the flavour comes from oil of bergamot - the same oil that gives Bergasol its distinctive smell! Earl Grey is DH's favorite kind of tea and I have to make sure that it is kept in a separate Tupperware container from my Tetley's British Blend so as not to contaminate it!


Stinking Billy said...

AA, So, you are the brown topless one in the picture, am I right? ;-)

Daffodilly said...

Thanks for your kind buy the webcam.

Merry Xmas!

Canoez said...

Daffodilly - I ordered the webcam today and had it sent to AA's parents. I think it will be nice and DS and DD will enjoy seeing their grandparents when they aren't as green and fuzzy as they were on their previous webcam.

I enjoy the Earl Grey - what's the matter w/that?

Billy - there was once a picture around here of a certain bathing beauty...

Almost American said...

Billy - I'll admit to having sunbathed topless in my youth (though I think/hope the photographic evidence has been destroyed), but I never managed to tan quite that deeply!

Mmm said...

Well, I personally think the tanned gal looks too dark --I can jsut picture dry skin in her old age. I think the less tanned one would be more natural and end up far better off in the long run!

I never was that wild about Earl Grey and less so now!

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