Monday, May 04, 2009

Search terms

I find it interesting to look at the search terms that have led people to my blog. There's a wide variety and looking at them I see how some led to my blog, but not others:
would you immigrate to the American state
graphs of culture shock
American almost monarchy
American friendliness versus British reticence
filling out a green visa on the plane
American culture time flies when you’re having fun
American bizarre
mcdonalds scottish restaurant radio bam
average American dinner time
things you can put maple syrup on
Americans shocked at British vacation time
places Americans shouldn’t travel
mailing maple syrup overseas
advantages of drive-thru weddings
drive thru bars
when is dinner time for most Americans
future plans and ambitions
statistics on people who cook casserole
The winners in terms of sheer frequency though are variations on the following two:
why Americans shouldn’t travel – 8%
Smarties vs m&ms – 16%!
The Why Some Americans Shouldn't be Allowed to Travel post was lazyblogging - little more than a link to another web page. The Smarties post was written back in January 2007.


Michelloui said...

This is really interesting! My favourite was 'mcdonalds scottish restaurant radio bam'.

Anonymous said...

I recently tried UK Smarties for the first time... I'll stick with M&Ms. I can't quite put into words what the problem was but I definitely didn't like them.

Stella Jones said...

I would like to know how you discovered those links? How do you know that that is what people Googled and found you? Please tell me. An interesting post! Great.
Blessings, Star

Almost American said...

NFAH - I think I prefer dark chocolate M&Ms nowadays to Smarties - except for the orange Smarties, which have orange-flavoured chocolate in them.

Star - I went to StatCounter and signed up for a counter thingy on my blog homepage. It lets you track all kinds of things about the visitors to your blog. For example, I can tell that most of the time when my mum visits she has to Google "Almost American" to figure out the address! I know that a certain regular visitor uses a Mac, and another one visits from what appears to be his/her work computer . . .

Kat said...

I have come to the conclusion that indeed some Americans shouldn't be allowed to travel.

britoutofwater said...

I get a weirdly large number of shoe fetishists coming to my site via Google. I have NO idea how though!

Maddy said...

How utterly bizarre. On the other hand obviously people need proof that Smarties are in fact infinitely superior to M & M's. What is even more bizarre is that anyone should compare the two, one being chocolate and the other being mere candy. Some people!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't even thinking about the fact that I had totally stolen this from you when I did the same thing this week... was apparently focussed on the subconscious...

Expat mum said...

OK, now I'm really thinking I'm a techno-duffer (no offence here). I tag my posts but never thought to do anything else about it. Hmmm.

AliBlahBlah said...

I get random people googling 'Utah boobs' - and at least 5 people a day check out my site after I wrote a post on Daniel Craig moving to Knaresborough.

Incidentally I bought some Smarties recently to decorate Anna's birthday cake and was so disappointed. Either they don't travel well or I wasn't a very discerning 8 year old. M&Ms have a much nicer chocolate nuttiness. Actually I think I have some in the cupboard now....

LHA said...

I need to sign up for the Star Counter application! Genius!

LHA said...

Almost American - I put this on my blog. Does it only count home page views, or does it count if someone clicks directly into a specific post from an RSS feed? Thanks for any help! - Limey

Almost American said...

Limey - it will show you what page someone arrived on your blog, and where they came from to get there. It also gives you an idea as to where in the world your readers are from - matching your comments up with the log of visitors I not only see what city and country you visited from but also your IP address, which in your case gives me a strong hint as to where you work!

You can track someone's progress through your blog from page to page. You can label particular IP addresses (or address ranges) by name to make it easier to track returning visitors.

In short, StatCounter does lots of cool things - especially reminding you that even when you think you're being anonymous on the net you probably aren't quite as anonymous as you think!

Anonymous said...

I love looking at my search terms and interestingly enough was toying around with the idea of starting a weekly or maye fortnightly meme on it! Yours were very thought provoking -- mine are things like drag queen's eyebrows? LOL

LHA said...

Thanks so much for the info! Now you know where I work - I feel revealed! LOL I may have further questions for you in the future as I get to grips with it, if that's ok! Many thanks - have a fabulous weekend!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think this is quite an interesting list.

I finally figured out after a couple years of blogging why sometimes people seem to come to blogs with pretty strange search terms. It's often because they are looking for photos...that explains the strange word combinations sometimes.

Expat 21 (Expat Abroad)

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