Monday, June 15, 2009

The local ice cream

Well, one of my commenters got the ice cream flavour right, but I'm afraid I'll have to disqualify her and not give her the non-existent prize because she cheated. I'm sure she's actually been there (right Molly?), and has probably eaten some of this ice cream. It is indeed unusual - so it's not honey or maple flavoured, although those are both local products. It is not listed on the flavours board as locals simply know that it's available in season.

Unfortunately, I don't have any in-focus photos of the ice cream. This is not deliberate. I was trying, but perhaps I was focusing too much on eating the ice cream instead of taking photos of it. I'll blame it on the fact that I didn't have my glasses with me. I have sadly reached that age where my arms are not long enough and I need glasses to focus on anything closer to me than the length of my arms. I had thought that maybe the camera with its so-called AUTO-FOCUS (they lie!) might be smart enough to do just that and focus, but apparently I'm still supposed to do something to get it to focus. I need a camera that will read my intentions and focus on the thing I am thinking of. Then my photos would be much better. In the meantime, I'll just have to remember my glasses and learn how to work the camera!

Back to the ice-cream! Here are said blurry pictures. They look a little greener than the photo in the last post, but I think this is closer to the true color.

The flavour is, as Molly said, asparagus. Sounds disgusting doesn't it? Well, it's actually asparagus and almond and it's pretty heavy on the almond - although as you can tell from the photos the asparagus is definitely in there! If you think of asparagus in a cream sauce it becomes a little less strange I think. It is perfectly edible, although I think I would go for chocolate brownie or cookie dough another time. Remember a lot of American ice cream places will give you a taster spoonful of a flavour or two before you buy, so if you see an unusual flavour you don't have to commit yourself and find you hate it.

Zooming in on the photo from the previous post, you can actually see both the almonds and the asparagus in the ice cream. (See, sometimes I CAN make the camera work!)

I bet they have asparagus ice cream at the British Asparagus Festival. If you can't find anywhere locally that sells asparagus ice cream and you'd like to try it, you could always try making it yourself. There's another recipe here. I'm not sure I would serve it with smoked salmon though as this English restaurant suggests! Nor would I be up for asparagus beer!


Molly said...

A) Hand to God, I've never been there and B) it was a total guess though I do know that it's a gooooood time for really skinny asparagus in those parts! I have to say, though, it made me laugh!!

Michelloui said...

Hmmmm. Interesting. Does not sound great and yet I know if I happened to stop there I wouldnt be able to resist trying it! A friend of mine visited a garlic place on the isle of wight and had garlic ice cream. She didnt like it. I would still try that too. I have actually tried salt and pepper ice cream and really liked it!

ADDY said...

Eughhhhh. Think I'd give it a miss, although I do like asparagus under normal circumstances.

Kat said...

That is just so wrong.

Almost American said...

Oh alright then Molly, you win the non-existent prize :-)

Iota said...

I could never have guessed that.

I have found that Americans have a different approach to the fruit/vegetable divide to us Brits. Salads often have fruit in them (even with dressing), and at a buffet meal people often put fruit salads on the same plate as their savoury first course (I'm the one who eats the meats and green salads first, then goes back for the fruit salad as a dessert).

Expat mum said...

I know asparagus is in season at the moment but this is ridiculous!

Linda said...

It sure doesn't sound like a good tasting ice cream to me but I guess if you add enough cream and sugar to just about anything it will be tasty.

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