Thursday, July 02, 2009

Weirder than asparagus

This morning I read about the death of Mollie Sugden, the actress who played Mrs. Slocombe in the BBC sitcom Are you Being Served? Shortly afterwards, an online acquaintance coincidentally mentioned a relatively new ice cream shop in San Francisco called "Humphrey Slocombe." The name is a reference to that same TV show. They have the usual wide range of ice cream flavours, but some rather odd ones too: foie gras, salt and pepper, and peanut butter curry for example. I wasn't too sure what the flavour of Secret Breakfast was likely to be, but it turns out it's bourbon and cornflakes!


Stinking Billy said...

AA, hello again, peanut butter curry? I'd rather have the bourbon and cornflakes breakfast. Anyway, I am not all that sure about the authenticity of anybody named Hump' Slow-come. x

Anonymous said...

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