Friday, October 30, 2009

I like Uncle Jay

"Uncle Jay" has a weekly show to "help small minds understand big news." This week's show:
Swine flu? That's NOTHING compared to America's seasonal plague of political ads. They infect every TV, radio, billboard, mailbox, lawn and trick-or-treat bag. There's no vaccine. But at least Uncle Jay can explain how to understand them!
Elections happen on Tuesday next week and even though there is very little difference between the two candidates for mayor of our town, (other than the fact that one is the incumbent and the other isn't,) I will be voting. Because I can, when for so many years I couldn't. Because it's the right thing to do - even though I think in the long run it probably won't make much difference in this particular local race :-(


Tracie Nall said...

That video is awesome!! I love Uncle Jay!

Michelloui said...

Ive never heard of uncle Jay, thats great stuff!! I will watch for him now...

Clippy Mat said...

love him.
thanks for letting me know about him.

Jane said...

Just told someone this week how valuable your vote becomes when you spend a period of time not having one!
Love Uncle Jay!

Sablonneuse said...

Uncle Jay is great! What did he have to say about Swine 'flu and the vaccine, by the way? (I do hope you're not having it!)

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