Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Birthday parties

mom/Mum and Nappy Valley Mum both blogged about kids' birthday parties recently. I blogged about food at birthday parties, but they had both actually given birthday parties for their kids. You see, we haven't actually done a party in a couple of years now because we hit upon the idea of asking the kids if they'd like a party or a family trip instead. Both children, very wisely, have chosen the family trip. Nothing huge or expensive, you understand. Trips down to Maryland to visit their great-aunt and uncle, and the kids get to choose which activities we do when we're down there. Things like the Baltimore Aquarium or the Smithsonian Museum. My favorite memory is of watching them looking through the fence at the White House and DS turning around and saying quite scornfully "I could climb this fence really easily!"

I think in 2010 we may have to have parties for them and I'm thinking I need to start planning now - especially as to what will go in the goody bags! On the other hand, if we do a trip to the UK to visit family, I could avoid the whole goody bag issue that Mom/Mum talked about, by telling them that's their birthday 'party' this year.

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Michelloui said...

I like that idea and not sure why I never thought of it! 'Family trip or party...hmmm' The UK family trip would be a great 'alternative' to a party!!

If you travel to the UK this year you can make travel goody bags--I always get giant zip-locks and fill them with things to entertain: a journal, fun pens, stickers, a magazine and/or puzzle book, possibly a cheap little toy like a travel battleship game or similar, a deck of cards...whatever. Also snacks. (but I save most snacks to be handed out in rations, of course!).

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