Sunday, July 18, 2010

He's making a list and checking it twice

We are going on vacation later this summer and DH, being the organized one in the family, is already planning. He's been making a list of things we need to make sure not to forget. I find it interesting that the very first list he wanted me to sit down and go over with him was the following:
  • cell phone
  • car charger for cell phone
  • iPod
  • car charger for iPod
  • USB charger for iPod
  • Battery-operated USB charger
  • Adaptor to charge iPod from wall outlet
  • cameras (x3)
  • wall charger for one camera
  • car charger for other cameras

Sense a theme here? So I was very surprised, given DH's obvious love of gadgets to hear him say a Luddite "No thanks!" to the offer of the loan of a satnav/GPS. His comment, "I hear people have driven into canals relying on those things! I can read a map just fine." OK, but you should see the size of the pile of maps we're planning on taking!


Mancunian Mum said...

Maybe you should rename DM "The Gadget Lover". It'd be a lot easier to identify him! x

ADDY said...

You'll need a suitcase just for the technology! I guess you are not travelling light then.

Expat mum said...

Ha ha. I agree with him though, The Gps thing in my husband's car needs about five minutes to figure out where she is before she can give you any directions. Useless.

Beth said...

I don't know. If the logic is he don't need a GPS because he could just carry a map, then can't he skip the ipod (and all those appendages), because he could just sing? I guess my point is, we don't carry the technology, because it's necessary; we carry it, because it makes certain things more convenient.

Almost American said...

Note to self - do NOT forget the iPod! We would NOT want him to sing!!
I have a feeling once he tries using GPS he will like it - not least because, as the driver, it will then be MY fault if we go the wrong way ;-)

nappy valley girl said...

Sounds familiar - the Doctor always takes a vast selection of leads, chargers and the rest with him, even just away for the weekend. Mind you, I do have to admit it's quite useful and I would never think of taking those things - I'm too caught up in little boys underpants, socks and plastic cups!

We don't have a GPS either - he doesn't trust them. So I am chief map reader.

Canoez said...

Well, now - to be fair to the "Gadget Lover", AA is bringing her own fair share of gadgets - her new iPod Touch, digital camera and the phone was her idea - we've never traveled to the UK with one.

In some regards, this is travelling light - the iPods replace books, music players and a PDA, so that's pretty good.

The last time we went, the only technology that I brought was an MP3 player for the plane and a digital camera. This time there will be four (yes, four! One each for myself, DW, DS and DD) digital cameras and their chargers, two iPod Touch(es?) and the cell phone. The biggest hassle is the adapters and cables, to be honest.

If I don't help "organize", we'll get there and be short something.

FYI - that is not the first thing I made sure to pack!

No - you don't want me to sing - I can't carry a tune if it had handles!

If I Could Escape . . . said...

I see that he has his priorities in order then! LOL Looks like my hubby's list -- forget packing underwear just don't forget the leads and chargers!

Almost American said...

The GPS would be useful in that we then wouldn't have that HUGE stack of maps to carry with us . . .

Seeing as I can get through 4 or 5 paperbacks in one trans-Atlantic flight, I'm seeing definite advantages to being able to load some books onto the iPods, and beginning to think it won't be long till the kids each need their own!

DH has done some shopping for this trip - he bought new underwear. (Actually, me too!)

diney said...

Maps? We just printed off written instructions which told us on one half of an A4 sheet how to drive from Orlando airport across to StPete's.....I was in charge of the 'map' was a tense 2 hour drive in the dark after 20 hours travelling to the USA from the North of England! I would have quite liked my hubby to have packed some PROPER maps or have a GPS, then I could have closed my eyes and prayed for our safety as he drove in that hellish traffic on unchartered roads!! Have a great holiday!

Madam le Consul said...

Looks familiar. I travel for business frequently, for up to 8 weeks at a time, and always pay more attention to getting my little techno-bag right than to counting out the correct number of sets of underwear.

smittenbybritain said...

Ha,ha, that looks familiar. We were in the UK in July and carried a large zip lock freezer bag full of chargers alone.

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