Wednesday, September 01, 2010

To feed or not to feed the ducks?

Blue Planet Aquarium was selling food for visitors to feed to the ducks.

But right next to the vending machine full of duck food was this sign:


Expat mum said...

They probably meant "Please do not feed the ducks with your own food". (ie. buy ours)

ADDY said...

That IS confusing.

Ayak said...

Yes I was just about to say the same as Expatmum...its a way of making sure they sell theirs. Its a bit expensive isn't it?

Almost American said...

Expat Mum and Ayak - I'm sure you're right. Other places I've been to have been a little clearer on the topic though, with the "No feeding the animals" signs explaining that their animals need to eat a specific diet. The kids were confused by these 2 signs in such close proximity.

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