Sunday, February 20, 2011

Images of winter

Stop the snow! This is the end of our street. There's a road under there somewhere! (More snow forecast for Feb 21st - at least it's a holiday anyway, so we don't have to have a 'snow day' from school!)

Waiting for the bus. Climbing the snow pile is a necessity so the school bus driver knows you are there and doesn't drive on by . . .

My neighbor is not going gray. She walked her son to the school bus stop with damp hair and her hair froze!

 A sign of spring on its way - signups for Little League baseball have started! Summer camps are advertising too.

Got summer?

Shoveling snow off a school roof - why they put up so many buildings with flat roofs in the northeast of the US is beyond me!
Ice sculpture downtown


Iota said...

Great pics. Roll on spring.

nappy valley girl said...

The snow piles were like that here a week or so ago..then it started to melt, and a lot of it went...but then today we have snow again!

Almost American said...

Roll on spring indeed, but it's going to be a few more weeks :-(
Snowing here too NVG! Actually, it seems to have stopped, so I suppose I'd better go out and start clearing the driveway!

Ayak said...

Brrrr...those pics make me feel so cold...great pics though!

Lynn said...

Is the ice sculpture a guy cruising down the street with a snow shovel over his shoulder? Funny!

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