Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A seasonal thing?

In the last week I've had almost 300 people land here from their Google search. Over 25% of them were looking for information about "black wasps." Usually the most 'popular' searches have something to do with driver's licenses or smarties vs. m&ms. It must have something to do with it being spring here in the northern hemisphere! And it is finally spring here - we saw a wild rabbit in the backyard yesterday (running from a neighborhood dog!) The trees are beginning to show signs of green and there are some flowers out. I haven't seen any black wasps yet though.


Stella Jones said...

I'd never heard of black wasps. We have enough yellow ones don't we. I've noticed a lot of bee activity round my house lately but not many wasps yet, thankfully. We have a large wasp nest in the loft, right under the eaves but no wasps in it for several years. It was sprayed by the council a few years ago and they've left it alone since then. I had a small pond beneath the window and the wasps would fly down to the pond and up again all the time. My son, whose bedroom was nearest the nest, said it sounded as loud as a strimmer when they were all buzzing! Needless to say he didn't like opening his window.
Have you decided whether or not to do a guest post for me yet?

Paul said...

Haha! These strange things happen sometimes on the internet! I am intrigued now, however, and will have to read your "black wasps" article next!

I had a couple of my blog posts voted up and they got 3000 views rather than my normal 70 or 80 views. They were just throwaway humor/humour regarding the differences between Brits and Americans but i felt like an internet superstar for a couple of short weeks! ;-)

It's kind of a relief to get back to normal though. :-)

(ps I found your blog via atlanta anthony! I'm glad!)


Rob said...

I don't restrain my violent outbursts long enough for me to determine whether the wasps I have are black or yellow, but I know they sting!

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