Saturday, May 14, 2011

Barely British

I failed - but I'm in good company as the American Girl in England's English friends and family who took the test failed too. I think the American citizenship test was easier. (Though some of my Massachusetts friends answered "A boat in the harbor" in response to the question "What is the Constitution?"!) Although people joke about the tests and how silly they are, I do think it's good that people are required to make some effort to know something about the country whose nationality they want to adopt.

Try the (official!) practice UK citizenship test for yourself. 


iwi said...

I failed too! Quite badly!

Expat mum said...

I haven't even attempted this as I know I'd be terrible.

Paul said...

Yes, I know from experience that the test certainly isn't straightforward, even if you are British! (We had it on the computers in a library where I used to work, so I tried it out)


Sherms said...

I couldn't agree more! I think that if you choose to move somewhere you should at the very least adopt the language and accept the new culture you're living in.
That said, I'm certain that if approved to move to the US I will continue to say Vitamin in the British way, not the American way. I will never say "mom" only "mum" (any children I have will be odd at school because they will have to say mum too!) and I'm on the fence about trash verses rubbish!

I'm not sure why the British test seems harder...perhaps we know more about America? But immigration to the UK sure is easier than to the US.

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