Friday, October 26, 2012


About this time last year we were looking at this map:
We ended up losing power for 'only' two days - we had friends who lost power for over a week!

Today we have this:

Here's hoping they're scaremongering, but knowledgeable people are taking it very seriously! I'm sure if we wanted to buy a generator we're too late already, but I'm heading out now to gas the car up, get some cash and do some (non-perishable) food shopping. 


Expat mum said...

Good luck! You should be OK though.

Almost American said...

Yes, I'm sure we'll be fine. DH is very pleased with himself though - he bought a catalytic heater yesterday, so now even if we do lose power, we won't get too cold. He's reet nesh :-)

Iota said...

Hope you're ok.

Almost American said...

Oops - sorry Iota, should've posted an update - where we are the storm was nothing but a some wind and rain - nothing to write home about. We were lucky but so many others weren't!
We may yet need the catalytic heater though - the new boiler we had installed this summer is not working properly and is only heating half the house :-(

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