Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving survivors

I see this flock of wild turkeys regularly on my drive to work. I'm often halfway past before I even notice them. Occasionally I have to slow down or even stop to let them cross the road. This morning they caught my attention a little sooner because the one nearest the camera was up in that small tree - small tree, big bird! By the time I hopped out of my car to take the photo, s/he was back on the ground.


ADDY said...

They've survived Thanksgiving but will they make it through Christmas, poor things?

Almost American said...

Addy, I'm sure they'll survive Christmas too because 1) wild turkeys are supposedly not as good eating as the farm kind, and 2) having just had turkey for Thanksgiving, most Americans I know choose something different for Christmas. Can't think why - I'd happily eat turkey again a month later!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats a nice Ham for Christmas.

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