Monday, September 02, 2013

School shopping

The beginning of the school year in the USA must rival Christmas for the amount of money being spent! Last week we got a note from my son's teacher for this year listing the supplies he will need to bring with him. Fortunately, his school provides many of the things he will need - not all public schools in the USA do. He needed a 3 ring binder (I emptied one of mine for him), pencils (we rounded up a dozen from around the house) and 2 notebooks (I picked some up at Staples earlier this summer when they on sale for 1 cent each.) DONE. 

When the kids are old enough to be heading off to college, the shopping list will not be that short of course.  I went to Target last week and had a hard time finding the things I needed. There are women's clothes somewhere behind those boxes. 

Almost all the aisles in the store looked like this - piles of fridges, microwaves, TVs - all the college essentials ;-) 


Expat mum said...

The best thing about our humungous 5th grade list is that i got it mixed up with his sleepover camp list from late July. I kept wondering why he needed highlighter pens and index cards for camping, and it wasn't until the night before that he pointed out I was packing from the wrong list. But - I'm also DONE!

Iota said...

School supplies was always a huge job when I was in America. Lists as long as your arms, and so specific. You had to get exactly the right pencil or whatever it was. I hadn't really imagined that there's a college supply process too, but of course there is!

Almost American said...

Packing highlighters and index cards for camp? That's funny!

I remember my mum making sure the Christmas before I went to uni that some of my gifts were things like coffee mugs that would go with me - she was very organized!

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