Thursday, October 23, 2008

Political thinking

I had never heard Colin Powell speak at length before viewing the video clip below, but I had heard good things about him. I was impressed with him in this interview - not just because his views coincide with my own but because he reasons well. He is even handed. He seems comfortable pointing out both the strengths and the weaknesses of the candidates. I do not believe that Obama will be the perfect president and wreak miracles, but like Colin Powell I am convinced that he will do a better job overall than McCain.

Thanks to Houston for posting the video on his blog. As an ex-pat American, he has a lot to say about the election. I wouldn't have seen American Prayer if not for him either. (I guess I just don't watch enough television!)


Stinking Billy said...

Colin Powell's u-tube assessment of the presidential candidates was nothing short of brilliant. Totally balanced and fair and given with such clarity and honest feeling. He should have been a contender himself but - too old, I guess?

Mmm said...

I found his vote for O remarkable considering O came in front opposing everything Powell has stood for. It seemed very politically expedient.

Houston said...

Hi, AA: Just wanted to thank you for your recent tips o' hat and for your comments on my blog. I've enjoyed dropping by your pad, here. Don't know how you found me, but sure glad you did. Long may we each stop by for a cuppa. All the best. --Houston

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