Sunday, November 02, 2008

Letter to the tooth fairy

The tooth fairy doesn't have to bring her pliers to our house! In the last week, the tooth fairy has paid us two visits, and she'll be back again tonight. DS lost his two top middle teeth - so now he actually has an excuse for his inability to say the sound 's'! One of his teeth was so appallingly wiggly that when I tried to straighten it in DS's mouth, (so it wasn't sticking out at a 90 degree angle!) it came out with no effort on my part. The other came out a couple of days later when DD kicked him in the face. She was sitting on the couch and he was crawling on the floor by her feet annoying her, so I'm pretty sure the kick in the face was as much his fault as hers. "Well, if you hadn't put your face next to her feet, she wouldn't have been able to kick it, would she?!!!" Yeah, yeah, I'm an unsympathetic mother!

Just yesterday DD discovered that one of her teeth was wiggly too. She kept asking when it was going to come out, and I had to tell her that it looked as though it would be a few days yet. However, shortly after I sent her to bed tonight, she reappeared downstairs - bloody tooth in hand, and gum bleeding profusely! She went back to bed quite happily though, leaving the tooth with me so I could clean it up before putting it next to her bed for the tooth fairy. I just went upstairs to do that and found that she had written her tooth fairy a note:
Dear Pearl,
Do you know my brothers tooth fariy if you do could you wright it hear __________ (signuture)
I would like a picture of you to if you could

PS I forced the tooth out.
One of DD's friends found out that her tooth fairy was called Pearl, and what do you know, when DD asked, she found out that her tooth fairy is called Pearl too! I suspect DS has the same tooth fairy as his sister. (I'm too tired tonight to be creative!)


Expat mum said...

Bless! Our dentist told my little one that he had a wiggly tooth. I'm not sure what her definition of 'wiggly' is but this tooth isn't going anywhere soon. Nevertheless he is trying to pull it out. If he manages, I will probably have to rush him to the ER!

AliBlahBlah said...

Can I just ask - what's the going rate? It was 10p back in the 1970s in the North of England - but this is America though, is it $500 and a playstation 3 game?

Mmm said...

I love that cartoon. Keep wiggling!

Anonymous said...

How sweet. I'm glad the Tooth Fairy is alive and well nowadays. I remember whenmy daughter's tooth came out at school and she lost it. She left a letter under her pillow with a drawing of the tooth and was pleased to find a coin in the morning.

Almost American said...

Ali - she's leaving a dollar coin per tooth here, though apparently she ran out last week and had to leave quarters instead. (It WAS a 3 tooth week after all and I'm sure she hadn't anticipated that!)

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