Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Scary pumpkins

DD commented as we walked out of the house today, "Mom, the pumpkins are looking really scary today."
Scary? Today, but not yesterday? In broad daylight? I didn't understand at first, but that's because I wasn't looking at the pumpkins . . . when I did, I saw what she meant.

They were beginning to go mouldy:

And one was beginning to ooze and collapse - those horizontal wrinkles weren't there yesterday:
Apparently it's not been cold enough recently - with unseasonably warm temperatures over the last week (in the 60s at times during the day), the pumpkins were beginning to rot already. Given what I paid for them and what a short time they lasted, the ceramic pumpkins I've seen on sale are beginning to look like an excellent bargain in comparison. Of course, the ceramic ones wouldn't be as much fun to prepare each year . . .


ADDY said...

Yes, they do look more menacing as they decompose.

Stinking Billy said...

Huh! Looking in the mirror every morning is twice as scary as those pumpkins. When I was a P.O.W. in WW1 we would have wolfed them down before you could blink an eye.

Expat mum said...

Oh yes, they do look scary. Ours never got the chance to go moldy - the bloody squirrels had a feast. I must admit two of ours were plastic but no one could tell the difference. Must try that again next year.

Mmm said...

They've seen better days!!

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