Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm beginning to hate winter

I spent 2 hours on Saturday morning outside our local supermarket helping my daughter's Girl Scout troop sell crack cookies. I thought I was never going to warm up again! I suppose it was worth it as they sold a box a minute. We then spent an hour and a half in the afternoon walking from door to door trying to get our neighbors to buy cookies too. Our rate of boxes sold per minute was much lower :-( Ah well, it was all in a good cause even if I do lose my toes!

We had yet another snow day last Friday (that makes 3 so far this year.) I was just looking at the weather forecast for this week, and with snow forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday I am doubtful that we'll get a full work week in. I wouldn't mind except for the fact that we have to make the time up in June anyway.

Of more pressing concern is how to dress for the wait for the school bus tomorrow. The bus arrives at the end of our street sometime between 7:12 and 7:25, so there is really no avoiding having to stand out in the cold and wait. But look at the temperatures for Monday morning at 7 a.m.:

The only day I wasn't cold at the bus stop last week was the day I wore my snowpants, so I think that's what will be called for tomorrow.

The kids will be off the wall tomorrow though as it will be indoor recess because of the temperatures. I think this calls for an after-school trip to the YMCA!

Ooh - maybe it will be cold enough for DH to try doing this - he really wants to try it!


Rob said...

Do you end up getting 'used' to those kind of temperatures? I only ask as I'm so used to 85°+ that when it drops below 60° I have to put extra layers on.

And do you know the secret ingredient that makes Girl Scout Cookies so damn moreish? There has to be some kind of narcotic involved somewhere.

Helen@Soft Leather Baby Shoes said...

Boy that's cold. I almost feel guilty complaining about the British weather!

Daffodilly said...

Can you believe how we are being hammered by this cold? I am dreading tomorrow which is supposed to be even low can we go? Remind me why do we live here again?

Almost American said...

Yes, I suppose we do get used to the cold because I can remember days in other winters when the temperature barely got above freezing and thinking that it felt quite warm! It's all relative! I remember arriving in San Francisco after 2 months in Taiwan with temps of 105 degrees F every day, and thinking 85 degrees F in SF was cold enough to need a cardy!

My mother sent me a newspaper article from the UK a couple of years ago about Girl Scouts selling crack aka cookies. I've been very restrained this year and only bought 4 boxes.

Daffodilly - I think it's supposed to warm up slightly here as it's going to be warm enough for snow. According to, it's minus 8˚F right now, and the forecast says this time tomorrow it's supposed to be 24˚F! Even though you're further north, I think it's a few degrees warmer tonight. Tomorrow night you're supposed to be colder than us. Tho once you get this far below freezing, cold is just cold!

Almost American said...

Helen - thanks for stopping by. Unsolicited testimonial - the shoes on your site look very cute, and I think the prices are cheaper than for similar shoes here in the US.

Ayak said...

Apart from storms and rain, it's still quite warm in our part of Turkey, but reading your post reminds me of when we lived in Cappadocia and temps were minus 20 degrees at times. I now don't know how I coped with it!

I hope it warms up for you very soon x

Iota said...

That video is amazing!

If it's that cold here, they cancel school, because they don't like the idea of kids waiting in the cold. So today, my daughter's been at home for the 3rd day running, though the main roads are completely clear, and even in the neighborhoods they're not too bad. I can see their point, but you'd think we're very wimpy. In fact this morning it was about 5 degrees F - so nowhere near as cold as you.

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