Saturday, November 05, 2011

Halloween Take 2

I can't imagine Guy Fawkes' night being postponed. The whole point is that it's on the 5th of November. The same with the 4th of July - the whole point is the date. But Halloween - apparently that can easily be rescheduled to a more convenient date.

We had a grand total of 3 trick-or-treaters last Monday after the snow storm. Our neighborhood was dark, but there were no power lines down as where we live they are actually all underground. We thought it might be fun to go trick-or-treating when it was so dark outside! However, it seemed that most people in our neighborhood had fled to places that still had heat and light and trick-or-treating was delayed townwide to November 5th. So here we are ready for Halloween all over again. After all, there is SOME candy left from last week - I haven't eaten it all yet (only the good stuff) and I might as well give the last of it away (as it's all the candies I don't like anyway) ;-)  Note to self: next year only buy candy you DON'T like!!

The Halloween snowmen have all melted, but the pumpkins and other decorations are still looking good. 


Circles in the Sand said...

Just dropped by to see how it went. I love the pumpkins, especially the one munching on the little one!! brilliant! I guess Guy Fawkes night was totally overshadowed then! I always remember trying to explain the concept to American friends - it just sounds so funny- 'well we burn effigies'! There were some fireworks here at the local golf club - I failed to get tickets, so we just did a bonfire in the desert instead and toasted marshmallows.

Almost American said...

Guy Fawkes night overshadowed? Hardly - no one around here knows anything about it!

A bonfire in the desert sounds like fun. Mrs B over at Crankymonkeys blogged about her take on Bonfire Night. She's definitely not comfortable with the burning the guy bit!

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