Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Snowstorm shopping

I still haven't figured out why every time there's a big snowstorm, this happens in the supermarket:

We joke about all the people who are going to make French toast because bread, milk and eggs seem to sell well before a storm, but chips and salsa?

Oh, and for Mother Hen, who has never seen a pumpkin covered in snow, here's a snowman with a pumpkin for a head!


Stella Jones said...

I love your snowman. I've never seen a snowy pumpkin either.
It's the same in England. Everybody gets a hoarding instinct at the mention of snow.

nappy valley girl said...

Where I live, people quite often have snowstorm parties - the day after, and invite all their friends round. That probably accounts for the chips and salsa (although partying would be difficult if you have no power).

For once we missed the bad weather on Long Island (by inches it seems) and just had rain. Hope your snow melts soon!

Expat mum said...


Anonymous said...

Commodities sell out because people don't want to be snowed in and not have the necessities and/or they don't want to go into the snow and cold. I'll never forget the April 10th blizzard of 1973... apparently my mom didn't think it was going to be a big storm. Boy was she wrong. We were snowed in for 3 days before the snowplow came by. We had no milk, bread, eggs, cereal AND we ran out of toilet paper and tissues on the 1st day!! Luckily the neighbor gave a roll. But ever since then if they predict a big snow I stock up.

ADDY said...

It's the same here......... mention bad weather and the supermarket shelves get raided. It's not as if the little bit of snow we ever get makes London cut-off from the outside world!

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

Star is right, it's that hoarding instinct. Just like the Bank Holiday effect in Britain (which you must remember!)

And I like the idea of a snowstorm party as Nappy Valley Girl says!

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