Sunday, February 10, 2008

Feeding the pigs

We like to put bird feeders out in the winter. Our neighbors, on the other hand, have stopped feeding the birds because they objected to how much the squirrels were eating.

There seemed to be fewer squirrels here than at our last house and we hadn't seen any squirrels near the house so we thought we were feeding birds rather than squirrels. How foolish we were! The squirrels had been pigging out at a large 'squirrel-proof' feeder that holds several pounds of bird seed. They had figured out how to reset the lever that closes the feeder up tight if anything as heavy as a squirrel sits on it. DH bent the lever so that the squirrels can no longer reset it, and now they come to the feeders at the house (which are most definitely not squirrel-proof) instead. They are pigs and completely unafraid! We tapped on the window at this one - it turned and looked, and then ignored us.



Expat mum said...

Same problem here. Absolute cheeky vermin! We also have big rats everywhere so we've had to stop feeding the birds, because we were encouraging the rodents. Yuck!

Almost American said...

Rats? Yuck indeed! Tho' DH calls squirrels 'tree rats'!

Anonymous said...

A close encounter of the furry kind. Much prefer the red ones but that's probably because I am closely related to Squirrel Nutkin. I can even sing the song!

Very scary about the Pyramid book! Especially as I've never even heard of it. I have a strong compulsion to buy it anyway - I wonder if that's the trick?


Almost American said...

Very scary indeed - especially as I didn't even cheat. I answered the questions, and got the same answer as you on the first attempt.

Anonymous said...

There were squirrels in the trees surrounding a school I once worked at and the children had to be warned not to share their lunch with them after a child was bitten.

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