Monday, February 04, 2008

The obligatory SuperBowl post

I think Maddy's comment on my last post was hinting that I should have posted about the SuperBowl. Yes, one of the teams playing was our 'local' team, but that didn't make me any more interested in watching it. I know some people watch mostly to see the new ads - but I spend much of my TV watching time avoiding them, so would not choose to watch anything, let alone an American football game, just to see the ads.

The children did watch the first half hour or so of the game and I listened to the reports on the radio this morning. (That way we could all make conversation about the game without actually having seen the whole thing.) It sounds as though if I had been interested in American football it actually would have been worth watching - certainly more entertaining than watching France hammer Scotland 27-6 at rugby this weekend. Not that I watched that either - I haven't found any TV channels here that carry rugby with any regularity without paying extra. The games are available on the BBC website but will only show the video to people accessing it from the UK :-( That may change in the future though

That's the French team in pink.
Here's one from a calendar of French 'rugbymen' or 'Dieux du stade' (Gods of the stadium)

The chains supposedly represent the 'strong links between the players and the rugby ball'.


Anonymous said...

Lummy! I thought my one on the Superbowl was a bit rude, but that takes the biscuit dearie.

Make mine a Jammy Dodger!

Almost American said...

Well, you posted the naked men pics first! Apparently Les Dieux du Stade calendars are quite popular.

BTW, I only just realized you've been putting You Tube videos in your posts - I was missing out on those reading your blog through my RSS feed.

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