Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm not dumb

I know these online tests of 'intelligence' are really very silly, but I still like it when I do well!

Just wondering though, who on earth would post a score like this on their blog?

Especially when with just a little savvy you can change it to one like this:

And which one was my real score? I'll let you figure that out!


Stinking Billy said...

The safe money would be on No.1, which is a helluva score, peaches, but don't let it go to your head.

I once took an online IQ test (not Mensa) and came out with a score of145. I was embarrassed, not to say suspicious. What did they have to gain by kissing arse? Only a modest membership fee from what I could see. But attract enough members and money *is* to be made.

Now then, I am *not* belittling your score, just telling you my own experience. x

Expat mum said...

I had a go at this but got fed up with all the bloody surveys I had to answer, not to mention the fact that they wanted far too much information for my liking. Probably just as well as my enormous IQ would have broken their machine!

Almost American said...

I'm getting pretty good at answering surveys online and telling them lies. This so-called IQ test was mostly a culture test. Definitely meaningless. I just wondered why they bothered putting together 'badges' for low scores like 5%!

Anonymous said...

Well I was pleased to get 25/25 but they only gave me a 'score' of 99.55. I suppose that was due to time taken (3.28 minutes). it was more general knowledge than IQ though.

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