Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Search engine stats

I was a little surprised looking at the stats for this blog tonight to find that almost a quarter of the people who got here via a search engine had been looking for information about Smarties and or M&Ms! I wrote that post 20 months ago! All those readers and no one has sent me any English Smarties yet to test my theory that the last tube I had was stale :-( Even more surprising is that it is not the page that has received the most hits. Despite 'mad cows' not seeming to show up as an often searched-for term, that page is the most often viewed after my home page!


Maddy said...

How dare they! What a nerve, fancy searching and then not sending!

Loved to hear the word 'lilo' again, especially when it's not linked to 'Stitch'.

I think I'll go and have a lolly now as it 93 degrees over here.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

I always get such a huge kick out of some of the searches people use to find my blog. Unfortunately, most of them end up being for porn. Oddly, some of those people stick around and read for a long time. Who knows.

But speaking of finding, I'm glad you found me. Thanks for the visit and the opportunity to get to know you too! I'm guessing I have Maddy to thank for that. ;)

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