Thursday, January 27, 2011

Six Nations

Six Nations rugby is coming to BBC America again this year :-) Hmm - it conflicts with DS's basketball . . . What to do, what to do? (And no, we don't have a DVR!)

I have to say, BBC America's Trivia Quiz on rugby is a bit pathetic. The correct answers are blindingly obvious, even if you know nothing about rugby. I suspect the goal is to make Americans feel confident that they know enough about the sport to be able to watch it.


Canoez said...

You get a DVR,of course!

Rob said...

Six nations is the only rugby I can watch, definitely watch that. You only ever need the last ten minutes of any basketball game.

Almost American said...

Canoez - I would be happy to have you buy me a DVR!

IM - I don't think the coach would be too happy if DS only showed up for 10 minutes of his game!

iwi said...

You answered it yourself. Get a PVR. No question.

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